February 22, 2016

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology Presenting their own Fairy Tale Fashion

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THE WILDNESS– Sky-Pony’s Rock Fairy Tale started previews this week, and we had a chance to see the beautiful, fantastical costumes created by designer Tilly Grimes in action.  As fate would have it, we also found out that the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology is holding an exhibition of Fairy Tale Fashion through April 16th.  This exhibition, curated by Colleen Hill and featuring structural work by architect Kim Ackert, is an exploration of many of the stories and fairy tales that we know and love viewed through the lens of high fashion.

These aren’t just your average Disney princess dresses, though.  Hill stated that she was inspired initially by a book of fairy tales by Charles Perrault, which opened her mind and allowed her to focus on “stories that make great, direct references to fashion.”  Other inspirations were the works of the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson.  Some of the depictions are of lesser known characters in lesser known stories, and those stories that are familiar are often depicted in a way that illuminates facets of the characters that we may have never seen otherwise.  Hill also describes the surge of fairy tale elements in the fashion industry as a response to the current “emphasis on technology, functionalism, and globalism.”

Featuring the works of designers Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Louboutin, and more – a look at this stunning exhibit is the perfect thing to get you in the mood for a Rock Fairy Tale.  So treat yourself to a magical day!  Pop on over to FIT, or visit the Online Exhibition and pair some Fairy Tale Fashion with Sky-Pony’s new Rock Fairy Tale, The Wildness PlayCo’s co-production with Ars Nova.


Photo by Kiley Rothweiler

Author: buzzadmin
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