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Play Pen: Davis McCallum

What is Play Pen?   In light of the deep divisions reflected in conflicts around the world today, we at The Play Company found ourselves looking for new ways to bring our community together through artistic expression.  In the spirit of this idea, we created Play Pen, an ongoing project that invites artists to respond to […]

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Dec 14, 2016
New York

WEEK 6: GLOBAL DISSIDENCE – Five Countries and their Dissident Art

We’re only three weeks away our from our next production Caught, an art-theatre hybrid from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday-Evans. Caught centers on the work of a certain Chinese dissident artist, so this week our theme is GLOBAL DISSIDENCE. Today, we’ll be looking at the current state of dissident art around the world. CUBA Cuba has a long history of […]

Jul 26, 2016
New York

WEEK 5 BEGINNINGS: Christopher Chen in the Brooklyn Rail

Rehearsals are off and running for our upcoming production of Caught, a genre-bending art-theatre hybrid from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday-Evans, and we could not be more excited! Check out The Brooklyn Rail’s ‘In Dialogue’ interview between Matthew Paul Olmos and Christopher Chen. They discuss Chen’s “distinctive and exhilarating form of storytelling”, his multicultural perspective, and the genesis […]

Jul 21, 2016
New York

WEEK 5 BEGINNINGS: Special event at MOCA!

And we’re off and running! This week marks the start of our rehearsals for Caught, a genre-bending new piece from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday Evans. We’re also excited to announce that The Play Company and the Museum of Chinese in America are presenting a special sneak preview event! Join us on July 28th at 7pm […]

Jul 18, 2016
New York


As you may know, we’re gearing up for our next production Caught, a genre-bending new work which centers on the work of a certain dissident Chinese artist. In honor of Caught, this week our theme is SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA. We are very lucky to be partnering with Klein Sun Gallery, one of the foremost galleries in the world specializing […]

Jul 12, 2016
New York


In honor of our upcoming production of Caught, an art-theatre hybrid from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday Evans, our theme this week is BLURRING BOUNDARIES. We’re looking at the inventive ways artists blur the traditional lines of art and performance. Today, we’ll be looking at the fascinating world of “heuristic” or idea art. Rather than creating physical artworks […]

Jul 8, 2016
New York


In anticipation of our next production Caught, an exciting art-theatre hybrid from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday-Evans, our theme this week is BLURRING BOUNDARIES. Check out these five upcoming performances that merge mediums to creating exciting hybrid art! 1. The Paper Hat Game by Torry Blend at 3 Legged Dog, June 22 – July 17 A puppetry-projection-theatre hybrid from puppeteer […]

Jul 6, 2016
New York
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.20.12 AM

WEEK 2 SECRET ART: Five Artworks with Secret Political Messages

In honor of our intriguing upcoming production Caught (August 17 – September 18), our theme at the Hub this week is SECRET ART. Today we’re looking at five of our favorite contemporary artworks that contain secretly embedded political messages. Enjoy! 1. Yang Yongliang’s Viridescence series (2014) Yang Yongliang is a young Chinese artist, trained in traditional calligraphy. At first glance, his 2014 collection of digital artworks, titled Viridesence, appear to […]

Jun 30, 2016
New York

WEEK 2 SECRET ART: Q&A with director Lee Sunday-Evans

This week, our theme is SECRET ART. To kick things off, we sat down with the director of Caught, Lee Sunday-Evans, to chat about physical language, spoilers, and the secret to good directing! What attracted you to Caught? I’m attracted to the structural inventiveness, and to the incredibly intelligent way that the piece is illuminating the complex layers of perception that go into making […]

Jun 27, 2016
New York

WEEK 1 SUBVERSIONS: Five Extreme Art Stunts and the Subversive Artists Behind Them

Here at the Hub, we’re super excited for our upcoming production Caught, a subversive and genre-defying new piece from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday-Evans.  In anticipation of this exciting show, this week our theme is SUBVERSIONS. Today, we’ll be looking at five of the craziest and most subversive art stunts in recent memory. Check out the extreme (and […]

Jun 24, 2016
New York