Min Suk Chun returns to the ex-wife and family he left 15 years ago in a West Texas suburb, to celebrate his “hwangap” – the Korean expression for the much-revered 60th birthday that marks rebirth. But what’s in store for his next life cycle, if it starts with no pants and a bottle of Jim Beam?

Reviews of American Hwangap

“Those moments of anger prove that no matter how much a playwright loves his characters, sending them to unhappy places can be the most thrilling thing for an audience to watch.”
The New York Times

“Everything about this production, written by Lloyd Suh and directed by Trip Cullman, is well oiled and professional…”
The New Yorker

“Director Trip Cullman’s well-calibrated staging deftly navigates the naturalistic and the fantastical qualities of the high-stakes reconciliation Suh has conceived.”
Time Out

Photos by Matt Zugale

MAY 09 – JUN 07, 2009

Written by Lloyd Suh
Directed by Trip Cullman

Michi Barall
Mia Katigbak
Peter Kim
Hoon Lee
James Saito

Set Design:
Erik Flatmo
Costume Design:
Junghyun Georgia Lee
Lighting Design:
Paul Whitaker
Sound Design:
Fitz Patton
Production Stage Manager:
Jenn McNeil
Production Manager:
Gregg Bellon/Production Consolidated


195 East Third Street
New York, NY 10009