With your support, we’ve met our two $5,000 match challenges! We are now $1,000 away from finishing up our fiscal year in a secure position. Help us meet our goal!
We’d like to thank Barb Lee & Alston Gardner as well as our anonymous donor for their $5,000 matches. Thank you to all who generously supported our work.
The PlayFund Campaign helps PlayCo keep making the deliberately live and communal theatre experiences we all treasure. Yes, we had to shut down live programming in March, but our team is still working! We haven’t stopped supporting artists to generate new work – right now and for the future. The PlayFund will support PlayCo artists and staff right now, and help us get us out of the gate when our theatre world reopens. We’re itching to get back on stage!
Please donate now if you’re able, so PlayCo can continue to generate uniquely global and personal live theatre experiences for our community.
Our goal is $115,00. We’re almost there!
Support the artists and arts administrators who are making the work, even now:
COVID-19 has forced PlayCo to suspend all live public programming and artistic project development. We committed to keep all staff on board at least through June, and here’s what they’re producing:
#Playfrom6FeetAway: When theatres were shut down, we quickly launched an experimental programming initiative, concocting a series of community activities and experimental new works to be experienced together, even as we hunker down and shelter in place.
PlayClub: A free weekly virtual gathering to read and talk about plays together.
Mini-Commissions: 5 commissions to artists for short works that can be created and shared digitally in the coming weeks. These put some $ in the hands of artists, keep creativity flowing, and keep our audience community connected with new work to enjoy for free from wherever they are.
Lunch Bunch: Theatres were shut down just days before performances of Sarah Einspanier’s Lunch Bunch were scheduled to start. We nevertheless committed to fully pay 8 out of 9 weeks of actor and stage manager compensation, as well as full fee payments to the director, designers and other production personnel.
Support the future:
The COVID-19 health crisis is unprecedented in our lifetimes. None of us know how the coming months will unfold, or the extent of the lasting impact on our community. Your donation to PlayFund supports PlayCo’s ongoing experiments with artists to make theatre for a new reality as we re-emerge. More than ever, we’ll all need to join together for performances that lift our spirits and spark our imaginations. Help us be ready!
We expect the coming months to be a gradual and most likely bumpy journey to live theatre that, at least for a time, will be experienced differently than we’re used to. Experimentation, commissions and partnerships are key to the future of theatre that is relevant and healing, and that we can share in rapid response to changing circumstances. When rehearsal rooms and theatres reopen, we’re determined to resume production of Lunch Bunch at the earliest opportunity. And we have several more projects in the pipeline for future production, including works by Abhishek Majumdar, Lee Sunday Evans and Christopher Chen, and Anne Lepper.
Support Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Social Justice & Access:
Racist brutality and murder across the country, and the COVID-19 crisis shine a searing light on the inequities and injustice in our society. We all need to be agents of change. PlayCo’s future rests on our commitment to, and successful fulfillment of, work that upholds values of anti-racism, equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice within our own organization, our industry, and our community.
Every production is the basis for shared action to bring our community together around issues and ideas that shape our lives. We partner with social justice, cultural, educational and social service organizations to leverage stories for positive change and build inclusive audiences, working together to co-program free public events and conversations in our Idea Lab series, and connect underserved New Yorkers with artists and their work.
Price will not be a barrier to our work. We maintain modest regular ticket prices, and offer further subsidies through our OpenHouse access program, which has served 1,169 students, artists, and community partner constituents since 2018.