Antonio and Ana are among the most inspiring artists we know. Our 2013 collaboration on WORKING ON A SPECIAL DAY was just the beginning of an ongoing partnership to make exciting theatre together.

THE DUCHAMP SYNDROME tells the story of Juan, a Mexican immigrant in The Big Apple, who dreams of stand-up comedy stardom. Juan is so lonely he starts making friends – literally! He creates a world of his own in pursuit of the American dream, made up of fellow travelers, human and not, who help him practice his routines. THE DUCHAMP SYNDROME is a comical love letter to New York, with guest appearances from a large cast of repurposed objects.

Reviews of The Duchamp Syndrome

“Directed by Ana Graham and Mr. Vega, and peopled with many puppets designed by Mr. Vega, this is a busy show with quiet flashes of grace. There is a sharp cultural critique in this story of diminishment, desolation and assimilation.”
The New York Times

“The staging is tirelessly inventive, and Vega’s sweetly hangdog Juan can’t help but conjure sympathy.”
The New Yorker

“I think I can safely guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this oddball mélange of standup comedy, puppetry, and Kafka’s Metamorphosis, all in the service of a funny, fantastical tale of an immigrant seeking his fortune in the big city.”
Lighting and Sound America

Photo by Carol Rosegg

U.S. Premiere
MAY 03 – JUN 07, 2015

Written by
Antonio Vega
Directed by
Ana Graham and Antonio Vega

Performed by
Antonio Vega and Omen Sade

Mother’s Voice:
Concepción Márquez


41 White Street in Tribeca

A collaboration with Por Piedad Teatro