April 4, 2014

Meet the Folks at Brewery Ommegang

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Rare VosOn Monday April 7 Brewery Ommegang will be serving up some of their tasty brews for our guests at Cabaret Gourmet.  Earlier today on Twitter PlayCo got the folks at the Brewery to give us a tweeted lesson on Belgian beer.

PlayCo:  Hi guys! What kind of beers will you be serving @ Monday’s event?
Brewery Ommegang:  Hi Play Company!  Witte, Hennepin, Rare Vos, and Abbey Ale.

PlayCo:  Brewery Ommegang makes Belgian-style beers. What separates Belgian beer from, say PBR?
Brewery Ommegang:  Spicing and yeast are the main differences between Belgian-style beer and other beers.  There are many more difference but they won’t fit in a tweet!

PlayCo:  Always gotta keep it spicy! What are your rules of thumb for pairing beer with cuisine?
Brewery Ommegang:  Match intensities. Don’t let the dish overpower the beer and vice versa. And have fun.

PlayCo:  We like our beers like we like our men: Intense but not overpowering.  What are your thoughts on the resurgence of small craft breweries popping up across NY State + in NYC?
Brewery Ommegang:  We love it! The more good beer out there, the better. Long live the flavor revolution!  We get our inspiration from everywhere.  Sometimes it’s historical, sometimes playful, sometimes an homage to something we’re proud of.

The Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY.

The Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, NY.

PlayCo:  We love your obsession w/ Game Of Thrones + the limited edition GOT beers. What house would you belong to?
Brewery Ommegang:  House Ommegang of course. Or whichever house has the best beer.

PlayCo:  What does the name Ommegang mean?
Brewery Ommegang:  It’s Flemish and means “to walk about.” We’re named for the Ommegang festival in Belgium, first held in 1549.

PlayCo:  Thank you for the beer history! how has beer changed since 1549?
Brewery Ommegang:  Too many differences to name but we try to stay true to our Belgian-style roots.

PlayCo:  Brewery Ommegang is in Cooperstown near the Baseball Hall of Fame. What’s the connection btw Belgian ales + baseball?
Brewery Ommegang:  We both really love GoCooperstown.  This region was called “New Belgium” in 1800s: epicenter of hop growing.

PlayCo:  That’s so cool! Do you still get hops from “New Belgium”?
Brewery Ommegang:  No, we bring in our hops from other regions of the world. We do have a small hop farm at the brewery though.

Hopcones housing the kind of hops used in Ommegang's brewing process.

Hopcones housing the kind of hops used in Ommegang’s brewing process.

PlayCo:  Gotta love those home-grown Hops. What’s the Theatre scene like in Cooperstown?
Brewery Ommegang:  We’re an opera town! Follow the Glimmerglass Festival at @GOpera.

PlayCo:  Can’t wait for the opera about Hopmeisters from Westeros Thanks answering our questions See you at Caberet Gourmet.

To learn more about Brewery Ommegang and the art of Belgian Beer making visit their website, or join the party at Cabaret Gourmet on April 7 and ta

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