A riveting theatrical portrait of the journalist and activist Anna Politkovskaya, this powerful play, by one of Italy’s most celebrated writers, takes us behind the headlines she generated while exposing details of Russia’s war in Chechnya.

Politkovskaya was assassinated in her Moscow apartment building in 2006. As journalists continue to put their lives on the line around the world, and efforts to undermine a free press escalate here in the U.S., her dispatches speak directly to us today.

Reviews of Intractable Woman

A New York Times Critic’s Pick

“A Slain Journalist’s Voice Resounds. Directed with an uncompromisingly clear eye and steady hand by the gifted Lee Sunday Evans. A vivid portrait of a woman as well as of her times.”
The New York Times

“Nadine Malouf, Nicole Shalhoub, and Stacey Yen could pass as easily for “nasty” women as “intractable” ones and wear both badges proudly.”
Theater Mania

“May Massini’s evocation of the memory of Anna Politkovskaya help to remind us all of the vital importance of a free, functioning press to our democracy.”
Exeunt NYC

PLAYBILL: CLICK to hear director Lee Sunday Evans break down a scene from Intractable Woman



I never write commentary, or speculation, or opinions.

I have always believed–and I continue to believe– that it is not up to us to make judgements.

I am a journalist, not a court of law or a magistrate.

I limit myself to reporting the facts.

The facts: As they stand, as they are. It seems like the easiest thing, but here it’s the most difficult.

And it exacts the highest price. 

U.S. Premiere

Written by Stefano Massini
Translated by Paula Wing
Directed by Lee Sunday Evans

Nadine Malouf
Nicole Shalhoub
Stacey Yen

Set Design
Marsha Ginsberg

Costume Design
Junghyun Georgia Lee

Lighting Design
Masha Tsimring

Sound Design
Stowe Nelson

Production Stage Manager
Laura Smith


Second Floor Theater
150 First Avenue (at 9th street)
New York, NY 10009

Photos by Julieta Cervantes

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