The life of an ideal beauty.


La vida normal is an experimental short film about a drawing figure who enjoys high status as the ideal of beauty, but must brave a journey through its own material identity when it encounters difference.



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María Fernanda Videla Urra is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes theater scenography, directing and art installation. Her work reflects on the reciprocity between the play, the space, and the audience as the essential trinity of theater. Her impulse as a creator is to design experiences that can’t avoid political reflection, understanding that we live in a social context and we are political in every decision we make. In the present María is working under the name of “Mona Porfiada” a mental and virtual space she created to explore material performance inside a world of chaos.

La Vida Normal

Created by:
María Fernanda Videla Urra

Edited by:
Camilo Ramírez

Sound Design & Composition:
Emilia Desiré

A Mini-Commission presented as part of #Playfrom6FeetAway