A PlayCo Universal Voices Commission

PlayCo commissioned Aya for a new original play after producing her brilliant translation of Toshiki Okada’s play ENJOY in 2010. She has devised a beautiful, haunting and magical piece that pulls you into uncharted territory where memory, fantasy and virtual reality swirl together. Three intertwining stories, from the past, present and future, tap into our deepest impressions of living in tumultuous times as nature and technology evolve out of our control, and explore the eternal drive for human connection.

APR 01 – MAY 02, 2015

Written and Directed by Aya Ogawa

Christopher Henry
Ayesha Jordan
Jackie Katzman
Yuki Kawahisa
Megan Stern
Saori Tsukada

Sets: Jian Jung
Costumes: Loren Shaw
Lights & Video: Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
Sound: Michael Kiley
Dramaturg: Anne Erbe
Production Stage Manager: Marjorie Ann Wood
Production Management: Anchor Watch


46 Walker Street
in Tribeca