Dragon Fruit! Black Beluga Lentils! Perfectly Soft-Boiled Eggs! Amidst the distinct fear/feeling that the world is, always has been, always will be going to sh*t, seven public defenders seek meaning, belonging, and some semblance of order via their frenzied quest for the perfect lunch (bunch)…all the while battling ACS, inequality, burn out, and a big ole serving of existential dread.

Inspired by the real-life Bronx Defenders’ lunch bunches, this play is a tribute to the sacrifices public servants make every day, kindly exposing the quirks of their coping mechanisms, and acknowledging the dire circumstances their clients face, all within a comedy centered on food.

Lunch Bunch, commissioned by Clubbed Thumb, was developed and first produced in their 2019 Winterworks and Summerworks series.

Information on cast and creative team coming soon.

Photography by Richard Bowditch, Artwork by Desiree Nasim


MARCH 18 – APRIL 19, 2020

Written by:
Sarah Einspanier

Directed by:
Tara Ahmadinejad


Second Floor Theater
150 First Avenue (at 9th street)
New York, NY 10009

presented by

The Play Company

& Clubbed Thumb