Given the Mayor’s mandated closing of all theatres until further notice, and concern for health and safety in response to COVID-19, we are making the difficult decision to postpone our production of Lunch Bunch. We are working to resume as soon as possible. Without knowing when theatres will be allowed to reopen we’re unable to provide a specific plan. We will keep you updated!

If you’ve already purchased tickets we’ll be contacting you directly in the coming days. Thank you for your patience as we all navigate these unfolding circumstances.


Dragon Fruit! Black Beluga Lentils! Perfectly Soft-Boiled Eggs!

Seven public defenders seek meaning, belonging, and some semblance of order via their frenzied quest for the perfect lunch—while battling ACS, inequality, burnout, and a big ole serving of existential dread. Inspired by the real-life Bronx Defenders, Lunch Bunch pays tribute to the sacrifices public servants make every day.

Lunch Bunch, commissioned by Clubbed Thumb, was developed and first produced in their 2019 Winterworks and Summerworks series.



The Play Company proudly recognizes our community partner

The Bronx Defenders is a public defender nonprofit that is radically transforming how people in the Bronx are represented in our legal system and, in doing so, is transforming the system itself.

We have pioneered a groundbreaking, nationally recognized model called holistic defense that achieves better outcomes for our clients. Each year, we defend over 20,000 Bronx residents with low-incomes in criminal, civil, child welfare, and immigration cases, and reach thousands more through our community intake and outreach programs. Our proximity to the legal system and the experiences of our clients place us on the front lines in the fight for fairness, justice, and equality. As a result, we have the firsthand insight necessary to identify systemic problems and the expertise to spearhead long-term solutions.


Photography by Richard Bowditch, Key Art by Desiree Nasim

Lunch Bunch

Written by:
Sarah Einspanier

Directed by:
Tara Ahmadinejad

Set Design by:
Jean Kim

Costume Design by:
Alice Tavener

Lighting Design by:
Oona Curley

Sound Design by:
Ben Vigus

Production Stage Manager:
Alex Williamson

Production Management and Technical Direction by:
Tech Without Tears

Casting by:
Stephanie Yankwitt, CSA, tbd casting co.

Original Casting by:
Clubbed Thumb


Second Floor Theater
150 First Avenue
New York, NY 10009

presented by

The Play Company

& Clubbed Thumb