November 15, 2013

IDEA LAB: Our Life’s Work

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IDEA LAB: Our Life’s Work

Sunday November 17, 2013, following the 3pm performance of This Is My Office

Even as growing numbers of people work from home and water cooler talk is replaced by instant message chat; Americans spend significantly more time in their offices today than they did 40 years ago.  Recent statistics show that Americans now spend more time at work than any other industrialized nation.  Not surprisingly it’s become increasingly difficult to separate our office lives from our home lives.   Join us on November 17 for a post-show Idea Lab discussion with Christoph Bartmann, author of Life in the Office and Nikal Saval author of Cubed:  A Secret History of the Workplace.    Playwright Andy Bragen will lead the conversation on the evolution of white-collar culture, it’s impact on our everyday lives, and the relationship between work and identity.

This Idea Lab will run approximately 45 mins.

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