June 23, 2015

Looking for Summer Games? Check out What Eric Zimmerman’s Been Working on

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This past spring PlayCo hosted an Idea Lab event with Eric Zimmerman, game designer, theorist, and founding faculty member at New York University’s Game Center. Following a performance of Ludic Proxy, Eric and writer/director Aya Ogawa talked about “Designing for Play” as Eric led the audience through a game to illustrate the rules of play.

If you live in Washington D.C. or plan on visiting this summer, stop by The Smithsonian Museum of American Art and check out Eric’s life-size game installation Starry Heavens in the Kogod Courtyard. Eric originally co-designed the game with architect Nathalie Pozzi for an event at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and describes it as “a political fable in the form of a life-sized game, where players work with and against each other to overthrow a Ruler”. Musicians from the Seattle-based band Good Co will be on hand to improvise music as the game is played. The DC installation is part of The Smithsonian’s America Now! Innovation in Art exhibit and begins June 27.

If you’re not able to make it to DC for the installation, but want a fun, social and challenging new game for the beach or your next cookout, try out Eric’s new game Metagame, which was given The Seriously Good Game Award by Shut Up & Sit Down. Co-designed with Colleen Macklin and John Sharp, it’s a game of strong opinions and offers six different playing options in a single set of cards and is available through Amazon. Here’s how you play:

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