American Hwangap

by Lloyd Suh
Directed by Trip Cullman

A co-production with Ma-Yi Theater Company

Min Suk Chun returns to the ex-wife and family he left 15 years ago in a West Texas suburb, to celebrate his “hwangap” – the Korean expression for the much-revered 60th birthday that marks rebirth. But what’s in store for his next life cycle, if it starts with no pants and a bottle of Jim Beam?



“Those moments of anger prove that no matter how much a playwright loves his characters, sending them to unhappy places can be the most thrilling thing for an audience to watch.”
– The New York Times


“Four Stars! Director Trip Cullman’s well-calibrated staging deftly navigates the naturalistic and the fantastical qualities of the high-stakes reconciliation Suh has conceived.”
– TIME OUT New York, Critics Pick


“Everything about this production, written by Lloyd Suh and directed by Trip Cullman, is well oiled and professional”
– The New Yorker