Rainbow Kiss

by Simon Farquhar
Directed by Will Frears

Keith stakes his future on a one night stand with Shazza. He doesn’t fit her master plan, and yet she can’t stay away. What begins with a kiss ends in blood. Set in Aberdeen, Scotland’s ‘Granite City,’ playwright Simon Farquhar paints a stark portrait of life and love on the dark side of the city’s oil-fueled boom.


“Will Frears’ lively direction pulls out all the stops.”
The New York Times

“Rainbow Kiss is an impressive addition to the true grit drama genre that’s likely to stay with you long after you’ve forgotten lighter weight more conventionally entertaining fare. My shout-out for the overall excellence of the cast, especially Peter Scanavino’s wrenching always on stage performance.”
Curtain Up
“The characters’ financial and emotional plights are made all the more pitiable by their surprising and haunting eloquence.”

“Brilliant…This is a great production of a harrowing play. The cast is great. Will Frears’direction is taut, believable, and relentless.”

– NYTheatre.Com

“Deeply unsettling in its vivid portrait of pathological, obsessive love.”

The New York Post