Romania. Kiss Me!

Plays by
Nicoleta Esinencu
Bogdan Georgescu
Vera Ion
Ioana Moldovan
Cristian Panaite

Directed by
Marcy Arlin
Thomas Caruso
Jackson Gay
Kaipo Schwab
Liesl Tommy
Julie Jesneck
Rosemary Prinz

With the prospect of Romania’s EU membership on the horizon, five young writers respond to their rapidly changing society in these six short plays. Romania’s vibrant new writing movement has already forged an exciting new body of work for the stage. ROMANIA. KISS ME! gave New Yorkers an intimate look at a culture undergoing radical transformation, through the eyes of a new generation of artists.
The Plays
Red Bull by Vera Ion, Directed by Marcy Arlin
Diagnosis by Ioana Moldovan, Directed by Thomas Caruso
Romania. Kiss Me! by Bogdan Georgescu, Directed by Kaipo Schwab
FUCK YOU Eu.Ro.Pa by Nicoleta Esinencu, Directed by Jackson Gay
Our Children and Bus by Cristian Panaite, Directed by Liesl Tommy