This is My Office

Written by Andy Bragen
Directed by Davis McCallum

World Premiere

A guided tour through an empty office becomes the unexpected portal to a forgotten New York, and a father’s legacy. This is My Office brings you face to face with a narrator who finds his way through doubt, soul-sickness, and doughnut cravings, by telling you a story. Not the one he meant to tell, but a richer one about family, redemption and love.



You can always count on The Play Company to present must-see theater. Since there is only room for about 40 audience members, it’s a singular treat to get upclose-and-personal with this terrific actor as you tag along beside him, moving from room-to-room in an empty “office space,” once the workplace of the character’s father. This terrific actor is so engaging you feel as if he’s telling his hard-luck tale just to you; and, you want to help.

– The Artsy Voyager

This Is My Office is a quiet experience, slowly building for the audience and its solo performer…the performance sneaks up on the audience, bringing with it a cascade of emotions, and the realization that this quiet little production will, indeed be sticking with you. Our time with Andy in his office is about the non-spectacular, average struggles that life brings to us all. It’s also about the average, non-spectacular ways in which Andy deals with his realities. But the honesty and intimacy with which we go on this journey with Andy is what makes This Is My Office truly special, and far from average.

– CurtainUp

As the ‘smooth and energetic’ David Barlow gives a guided tour of ‘a world that is both alarming and funny’ he is ‘candid, emotional, and reverent’ when we ‘hear his depth of emotion as he confronts difficult and painful moments from his past’.

– Theater Pizzazz

The immersive and intimate experience is heartfelt and stirring

Essential. In a theatre landscape dominated by celebrity casting, ironic detachment and hip gimmickry, this is a simple, sincere, utterly human piece of work, by turns hilarious and heartbreaking, that will–among other things–reaffirm your belief in the power of theatre. Don’t miss it. Seriously.

-Brad, East Village

Completely engaging…It’s an intimate personal story- and I both had a great time and a thoughtful, moving experience.

– Stephanie, Los Angeles, user review

I especially enjoyed #ThisIsMyOffice @playcompany. It’s a wonderful non-traditional solo show that touched me.

– Corinee, @woods_corinne

This Is My Office was inventive, engaging, disarming and affecting. Got me by the heart. So glad I was there!

– Michaela, @michaela_morton

Left me reeling with emotions. Very moving.

– Yoyi, Hell’s Kitchen

I LOVED it! I can’t tell you what a wonderful and unique theatre experience me and my two friends had. The acting was out of sight — so good. The play was so inventive, funny and heartfelt. I was really touched and overcome by the ending, it brought tears to my eyes. In fact my friends and I discussed how they should take this to Broadway or film. I hope more people get to enjoy it!

– Ellen, East Harlem

I thought it was great!  I loved Andy’s humility, honesty and compassion as well as his curiosity.

– Winter, Greenfield, MA

“A beautiful, complicated, haunting, imaginative (in the real sense, demanding our imagination) production – it was one of the best things I have seen this season – the way in which the writer, the character and the audience gradually discover the real subject of the play, so moving when I think about my own processes of mourning, and how irrational and subterranean it is, and how we carry other people within us, for years, without even knowing what is going on – and, then, just so by the way, also a sharp report on the social condition of the office worker – and all this beautifully staged in this found space, making us project the wall street office onto this other space, as the character is projecting the remembered office onto the real one – beautiful, elegant, done with so much intelligence and taste.”

– Louisa, Hell’s Kitchen

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A Chat With Playwright Andy Bragen

New York playwright Andy Bragen is gearing up for his hometown premiere of This Is My Office, a one-man show focusing on a semi-autobiographical account of his experience in a nine-month author-residency in an abandoned office space near Wall Street: Read