July 8, 2016


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In honor of our upcoming production of Caught, an art-theatre hybrid from Christopher Chen and Lee Sunday Evans, our theme this week is BLURRING BOUNDARIES. We’re looking at the inventive ways artists blur the traditional lines of art and performance.

Today, we’ll be looking at the fascinating world of “heuristic” or idea art. Rather than creating physical artworks or objects, heuristic artists produce ideasusually in the form of imaginative statements – as instructions for an aesthetic experience, to be performed or thought by the viewer! Here are ten of our favorite examples of heuristic art:

Take Uncut 13 Leaves Of Green Cabbage
With 13,000 Grammes Of Jealousy
Steam For Long Time In Deep Iron Pot
– Marina Abramovic

On a wall, a triangle within a rectangle, each with broken bands of color
– Sol LeWitt

Invite a stranger into your home for breakfast
Ben Kimmond

Painted stones surrounding the ruins of a structure made of unpainted stones
– Lawrence Weiner

Draw an imaginary map.
Put a goal mark on the map where you want to go.
Go walking on an actual street according to your map.
 Yoko Ono 

Determine the limits of an object of event.
Determine the limits more precisely.
Repeat, until further precision is impossible.
– George Brecht

When you are walking, smile at a stranger.
Louise Bourgeois 

A woman is prevented from knowing the identity of her partner (sleeping pill, blindfold, total darkness) with certainty.
On the evidence the child’s features give her, she guesses who she slept with.
– Martha Wilson

Think about climate change.
Sit for some moments in dumb grief, dumb knowing, dumb amazement.
Simone Forti

you are already doing all of it
– Tino Seghal

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